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MetSurge Consulting

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Electrical Metering & Protection

Electrical protection is the backbone if any electrical network, an efficient network reduces downtime and protects equipment attached to the network. With the use of cable differential protection, the network can be protected without electrical interruptions. With a fault level analysis and application of the correct settings, the protection can be finely tuned to give full protection while making full use of the available power. With metering the load of the network and the application of our recommendations can be analysed, the operational cost can be reduced by improving the power factor and diversity. With remote monitoring, we can advise you when the Power Factor Correction unit is under performing or has ceased to be effective and advise you on a monthly basis on the performance of your network and give an indication on the possible cost saving by improving the diversity of the network.  

MetSurge Consulting

MetSurge Consulting was founded in May 2002, however, Alex Touche, the managing member, has been in protection and metering since January 1977. Alex elected to specialise in the field of metering & protection after recognising the market demand and has cultivated a reputation that extends well beyond the borders of South Africa. Alex is also a full member of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE). MetSurge Consulting specialise in the electrical engineering field as following:-

  1. Network analysis, fault level calculations and grading of the relays.
  2. Commissioning of sub-stations, feeder panels, transformers and motors.
  3. Installation of metering and remote monitoring:-
    1. Power Factor analysis 
    2. Diversity analysis
    3. Tariff analysis
  4. Updating schematics and design of specialised panels
Hardware - we specialise in the following:-
  1. IDMT commissioning - Installing, upgrading and updating of schematics
  2. Auto Reclosers - Installation and upgrading of panel mounted units
  3. Cable Differential commissioning - Solkor or MHOR
  4. Transformer commissioning - including sustained and restrained earth fault
  5. Feeder Management - Installing, upgrading and updating of schematics
  6. Motor commissioning - Installation and upgrading schematics
  7. Complex metering - with or without remote communications
  8. Recording and analysis of power supplies for harmonics, power factor, diversity, disturbances and on equipment for rectifying the problems.

Our area of our operations

Sub-Saharan Africa - please note, outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa, our quotations are in US dollars. Our quotations will also include traveling, accommodation and freight charges for test equipment. Since we are a service orientated company, we would prefer the you purchase the relays directly, however, should you wish that we supply the relays, we would expect full payment for the relays and meters before delivery. Outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa, we would expect payment in advance for our services less a retainer of 10% before commencement of work.

Contact Information

Postal address
PO Box 9232, Edleen, 1625, South Africa
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Webmaster: Alex-Touche
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